Message From Director's Desk

Message From Director's Desk

“Learning is not a matter of chance. It is an ardent pursuit, a difficult path where devotion to the truth alone can guide you. Diligence will light the way; your conscience will help you make the right choices. Make your destiny and change the world“

I am extremely glad to host the website of Institute of Forensic Science, Mumbai.

The Institute of Forensic Science, Mumbai, operating directly under the Higher and technical education Department of Government of Maharashtra was set up in the year 2009. It has provided a world class Forensic Science curriculum which is both student and learning centric. The curriculum suits the requirement of crime detection agencies, corporate offices and bank etc., to counter all types of crimes and create safe society to live in. The global level curriculum will create job opportunity and evolve strong personnel, addressing the present day crime scenario. Diligent efforts, continuous research and utilization of modern scientific methods and instruments will definitely lead the Institute to be a premier Institute at global level.
Institute of Forensic Science, Mumbai is slowly and steadily getting transformed into a research Institute offering post – graduate courses and doctoral research.

I would specially like to tell the student,’Read as much as you can about everything possible and think on whatever you have read. This is continues process of reading and thinking will provide you inspiration and fill you with ideas that will allow you to b inventive.” The research Institute helps sharpen intellectual abilities,develop inquisitive qualities and encourage the process of thinking and generate ideas of innovation.

We need to remind ourselves of the prophetic words of Machiavelli - “There is nothing more difficult to handle, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its outcome, than to take the lead in introducing a new order of things”

The Institute of Forensic Science, Mumbai of my dreams is a research Institute with strong undergraduate and post-graduate programmers and thus excelling in education, research and innovations. I am confident that with the whole – hearted support and co-operation of the teaching as well asnon-teaching staff and students, the dream will soon be realized and will certainly make the Institute of National reputation.

I take this opportunity to wish all my students, faculty and staff good luck in all their endeavors.

Dr. Pratima Jadhav

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