Msc Forensic

Course Outcome

Students will be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts and theories of forensic science, including crime scene science, forensic medicine, and digital and cyber forensics.

Students will be able to apply scientific principles and methods to the analysis and interpretation of forensic evidence, using specialized techniques and equipment related to questioned documents, finger prints, forensic physics, forensic chemistry and toxicology, forensic biology, serology and DNA finger printing, digital and cyber forensics, and IT security.

Students will be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, about complex forensic science concepts, techniques, and findings to a variety of audiences, including law enforcement officials, attorneys, and the general public.

Students will be able to think critically and solve complex problems related to forensic science, using analytical and logical reasoning skills to identify and evaluate evidence, generate hypotheses, and make informed conclusions.

Upon graduation, students will have demonstrated ethical and professional conduct in all aspects of their work, including respect for privacy and confidentiality, adherence to scientific standards and protocols, and awareness of the social and legal implications of forensic evidence.

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